Where are the girls?


If you’re asking this question, you’re not looking too hard. You can basically pick up a girl anywhere – bars, grocery stores, gyms and even church (some of the biggest hook-up queens are preacher’s daughters). But if you’re looking for something more REAL, consider getting off the internet and working a different kind of system.

Your personal network. Just like finding a job, your odds of finding a potential long-term relationship increase exponentially by utilizing your friends, family, and even co-workers. Don’t discount those ‘nice girls’ your Mom wants you to meet. Studies show the best relationships are between people who have other people in common. Let your friends, neighbors and family know you’re willing to be set up. What’s the worst that can happen?

Do something for somebody else. It’s a sad fact that the busy-ness of life can lead to isolation. After work, most single men head home alone and settle in front of the television, computer or gaming system. On the other hand, women tend to be more social and giving of their time. They are more apt to be found hosting a social event, volunteering for a cause or at an organization they are interested in, attending religious services and functions, practicing a hobby or shopping. The average single guy is home, tragically and pathetically alone. Here’s the thing – if you shut down socially during the week, you’re undermining both your efforts to develop a relationship and enjoy the feeling personal satisfaction. You’ll have far more success with women if you aim to collect shared experiences rather than just phone numbers. Find a cause you’re interested in and volunteer your time. Odds are a girl who shares similar interests and values is there too. Which leads us to…

Take a chance. You’ve heard the old adage. ‘You don’t have if you won’t ask.’ Well, that’s basically true. It takes balls to walk up to a girl at the grocery, gym, library, coffee bar or whatever and strike up a conversation, but it works. Seek women in places you have an actual interest in. For instance, if you enjoy cooking and eating, scope out the ladies at your local farmer’s market. Into fitness? Obvs, the gym. While you might not really be in to shopping, studies show that it’s a great place to meet people. The key is to be open, honest and available.

Online Hook-Up Sites. While I hesitate to add this, it does seem to be the current trend. Sites like Pure, OKCupid and the ubiquitous Tinder offer up girls based on proximity and other certain parameters. Each of these sites tosses photo after photo your way and, if there is mutual interest, opens up a chat box for conversing. While finding a girl to take home to meet Mom *could* actually happen, more often than not you’re simply going to find a quick hook-up and a fast exit thereafter (not that there’s anything wrong with that). If hit-it-and-quit-it is what you’re looking for, then by all means, these sites are prime for the picking.


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