What She Says; What She Means


Dating has changed a lot in just the past ten years. Times were that the guy was in charge and women played by his rules. Now days, women are holding the power positions. They don’t need a guy to pay their way or pay them compliments. And the new woman is as much into a quick fling as guys were in the past. (Has Tinder ruined relationships?)


Whatever level your relationship is at, here’s a little insight into the current woman-speak:


What she says: I’m not seeing anyone special.

What she means: I’m seeing lots of guys. I may even be sleeping with more than one guy – and I don’t really consider any of them to be my boyfriend.


What she says: I’ll get this. (And she pays!)

What she means: I’m confident. I’m successful. I have my own money and can buy what I want. Can you deal with this?


What she says: I think we should stay friends.

What she means: I’m going to cut you out of my life. I may call you once in a while for a quick hook-up though. Let’s keep it loose. Be available for me!


What she says: Let’s go to your place.

What she means: You’re hot. I’m totally in to you right now. I want to sleep with you, but I probably won’t call you after the night is over. Hope you’re OK with that – and even if you’re not, let’s have a go.


What she says: I’m not really looking for a relationship right now.

What she means: I am not really looking for a relationship right now.

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  1. I get it but still if you are differentiating when a girl comes out and just says it out loud that she loves to travel on a dating profile whereas if you were asking someone do you like to travel chances are the unanimous answer is going to be yes. I agree with the Eiffel tower I think 1 out of 5 girls has a picture of that. Generic as fuck.

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