Is the masculine man coming back?


For the longest time, men have primped and pampered themselves and evolved into what’s known as the metrosexual. Lately, however, hipsters, not-so-hipsters and others in between have taken to neglecting the manscaping and returning to the ways of their fathers and their father’s fathers before them.

It’s the return of the real man – or what’s currently trending as “lumbersexuality”.

How did this all happen? In the 1990’s through the late 2000’s, boy bands were all the rage. Women loved their pretty good looks, hairless bodies and six-pack abs and men everywhere accepted that. They took to waxing (even “down there”), body sculpting and taking on rigorous skin and hair care rituals. They worked in offices with their minds instead of outdoors with their hands. They carried murses (don’t kid yourselves, boys). They took to wearing tasseled loafers and the color pink. A lot of pink.

After the crash of 2008 and the beginning of the recession, things started to change. A new breed of men started a trend of, well, acting like men. They embraced the ways of their fathers – hunting, fishing, and playing sport for the sake of sport. They ditched the fancy car for a work-ready truck (but kept the leather seats). They grew their hair long or cut it short and kept it neatly groomed (side part anyone?). The put on their Levis, a comfortable flannel shirt and their sturdy work boots. They put down the mixed drinks and wine and picked up fine blended whiskies and deep dark beers. They listened to music without five part harmony but with a strong bass line. They let their beards grow.

They finally figured out what moustache wax was for.

The re-birth of the masculine man was bound to happen. Nearly 15 years ago, Andrew Sullivan of The New Republic observed “many areas of life that were once ‘gentlemanly’ have simply been opened to women and thus effectively demasculinized.” The flipside of this happy consequence of social progress is a generation of men left a bit rudderless.”

Those rudderless men have returned to their roots and are developing a look and attitude that reflects the beliefs of a generation long gone – that men SHOULD be men. They are reclaiming their masculinity in a way that makes women appreciate them more. Lumbersexuality is seen as a way to reclaim masculinity in a world gone mad by de-sexualization or even over-feminizing.

Is the masculine man coming back? Yes, he is!

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