Five Reasons Funny Girls are the Best



In dating or permanent relationships, one trait elevates a woman to a place where she can be a better partner and even perhaps perceived as being more attractive. We’re not just talking about physical appearances here – instead we’re talking about a woman with a sense of humor!


Here’s why:

  • A funny girl or woman is a better conversationalist. Sure, some see Kim Kardashian and immediately feel their hearts flutter and throat going tight. Wait until you try to chat with her! “Well…..Kim….Can you REALLY set a bottle of wine on your buttocks?” Leggy supermodel Naomi Campbell is easy on the eyes, but talk about someone who is NOT funny! She may know some jokes, but when she clocks you upside the head with your own smart phone believe me, Melissa McCarthy will look downright svelte to you.
  • She’s not as snotty. Groucho Marx once said he would never join a club that wanted him as a member. A funny lady is going to be less critical in nature. Let’s put it this way – for ladies to find men attractive, they literally HAVE to have a sense of humor. We have no physically redeeming qualities to match those of women. We are designed to smell and think with the wrong brains. Good thing that there are funny ladies out there to laugh at us and love us anyway.
  • A funny girl laughs easily. A laughing lady has a smile on her face more than the scowl most men are so used to generating. Chances are she might even laugh at your jokes. Even if you’re Jon Stewart or you have the luxury of hiring writers that provide great material, it’s pretty cool to have a built in and appreciative audience.
  • She’s probably pretty smart. I’m sure we first give our attention to appearances, but odds are the funny person is more intelligent. Being funny requires making observations and being somewhat well read. No one says that a lady has to be Tina Fey (and then you can play “Weekend Update” with her), but one has to be clever to be witty. Witty means that she is insightful. There’s a stimulating give-and-take that occurs when you spend time with a funny lady. She will definitely keep you on your toes.
  • A funny girl will be the life of the party. And this is a great thing for a guy because she can be his party. Ultimately, whether in a crowded room or just the two of you alone, when you’re with a funny girl, everybody wins.

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  1. Funny girls have great comedic timing, which means that your funny girlfriend will somehow come up with the right thing to say at exactly the right time when you re having a bad day, and can turn that frown upside down! Who needs a stress reliever when your girlfriend is right there to keep the positive vibes going?

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