Exciting Sock Trends for 2015


As we gear up for 2015, men’s dress socks are going to make a splash. If men are going to go with a modern flair, we’ll be seeing more colors, prints, stripes and patterns; otherwise the classic neutrals that match the color of the trouser will hit store shelves as well. The bold and vibrant style socks are worn to match a particular shirt or tie, but no matter what your style choice, colors and prints are an exciting yet intriguing upcoming trend for men’s socks.

Preppy patterns such as Argyle and Fairisle are both very classic looks for menswear. Adding a dash of artistic color and a bit of imagination will bring these styles of socks into the season with a bang. Imaginative and artistic printed cotton blends, as well as cashmere and wool will be perfect for the winter months.

While your favorite department store will be carrying all styles of socks for men, Nordstrom is gearing up for the cooler weather with different colors, prints, stripes and patterns in all of your favorite brands. Tommy John has many different colors on hand, while Hugo Boss and Strideline have colors, shapes, patterns, zig zags and stripes in every color of the rainbow. Ralph Lauren Polo is going all out by offering colorful southwestern patterns, Argyles, nautical prints, stripes, and even camo socks, while Calvin Klein is carrying some bold patterns, but are also carrying many of the classic neutral colors to match the trousers.

If you have a flair for fashion, liven up your simple outfit with a daring sock. Coordinate your socks with your shirt and tie to make a bold statement. If you are planning on keeping your shoes off, wear your exciting and bright socks, as they will say a lot about your style without ever speaking a word.

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