Embrace your Grey!



Are you in a panic over your grey hair? While it can be tempting to treat your grey hair as a moment deserving of panic, know that many women find it desirable. In fact, according to Match.com, 72% of women think a man’s grey hair is highly desirable. There are many reasons for this. Grey hair can be viewed as a sign of wisdom, confidence, and even a status symbol of power and career success.

I have personally gone back and forth on the decision to either a) cut my hair very, very short or b) dye it to hide the grey.

In winter of 2016, I was preoccupied with day-to-day work and general busy-ness. In my haste to get other things done, I inadvertently let my hair grow out longer than I ever had in the past. After several weeks, I finally looked in the mirror and noticed just how long my hair was. Still, I had a lot on my plate and getting a haircut just wasn’t in the cards. However, my failure to groom lead to something unexpected – friends, family and the ladies began to take notice. And they consistently commented on how nice the salt and pepper look complemented my longer hair.

I took those comments to heart. I decided to go ahead and adopt the look – and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I finally made it to my stylist, and told her I wanted to embrace this new look. She told me she loved the grey. She gave me a trim, which allowed me to grow out my length without looking like a teenage boy in the middle of his hair-band phase, and she cleaned me up along my neckline and ears. She managed to make me look both distinguished AND youthful. I tipped her very well. As any gentlemen should.

My new look has opened new and interesting doors for me. So, I guess the question is: Should you be YOU and embrace your grey? YES! and to do it with confidence. Embrace your grey!

Here are four reasons why going grey will only be a good thing for your style and your sense of confidence:

  1. 1. It Shows You Are A Man Well-Traveled

Women find men with diverse life experiences desirable. And male friends, peers and colleagues will respect it. If you are like most men, you desire to both catch the eyes of beautiful women and earn the friendship and respect of your colleagues. Drawing attention to your life experiences is a surefire way to do just that.

In terms of style, dress up your look by bringing out the best in your grey. Opt for a high-quality shampoo that will make your grey hair shine and look its healthy best. Your stylist can help you find the right products to enhance your image.

  1. 2. It Highlights Your Intrinsic Sense of Confidence

Nothing says CONFIDENCE quite like wearing your grey hair as a badge of honor. But with this confidence comes the need to not overdo the grey. While grey hair looks stylish when short (think George Clooney), when it grows long it tends to look wiry and disheveled.

As such, make sure to keep that grey hair short and well-maintained. This will show the world that you are confident, polished and don’t need to hide a single thing about who you are as a man.

  1. 3. A Mix of Grey and Color Is a Compelling Look

Few things in life need to be zero-sum games – and your hair is no exception. Hair products that enhance a subtle touch of grey can also conceal some of your greying hair, all without looking unnatural.

However, avoid overdoing it. If your eyebrows and hair have gone fully grey, dying the hair fully black or fully blonde is just a bad look in general. A tasteful combination of grey and color will showcase the fact that you are a man of age and experience, but you’ve still retained much of your youthful and roguish charm.

  1. 4. Grey Hair Is Time-Honored and Future-Proof

While most people think of the timeless looks of Clooney and Connery when they think of grey hair, millennials are also getting in on the trend. Young pop stars and athletes alike are displaying their silver hair, so even if you aren’t going grey, know that grey hair is a stylish and welcome choice.

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