A break from technology

A break from technology

by “The Man” Jason Fisher

Hello, world!
I just finished a five-week break from technology!

If it was fun and it had to be plugged in or online, I tried not to touch or use it. I love me some technology, but it turned out to be unbelievably easy to stay away from after the first few days. I’m still shocked how nice it was not to be so wired in all of the time. Of course, I still needed to check my email (work) and set my fantasy baseball lineups for the week. However, I made sure that I only spent about 7-10 minutes every other day doing those tasks.

By day, I’m an eCommerce Consultant (Web and Smartphone), Web Designer, Creative Director, Social Media Brand Builder, Google AMP Page Producer and Email Marketer – mostly to the fashion world. July and August are traditionally very slow for retail due to the low mall and online traffic, so it was a great time of year to take the break. I’ll start working on retail Christmas any day now and will be going at it full-throttle a few days before Labor Day.

At night, I spend way too much time with my 100 hobbies – all of them online it seems sometimes – LOL! I tend to spend most of my time on Instagram, YouTube and a lot of other pointless web surfing – reading sports news, UFC, MMA, baseball, apple geek stuff, cooking, culinary art techniques and baseball card collecting. I took a break from all of this 100%.

As of late, I haven’t been watching a lot of TV either. I should say that have it on, but I’m not focused on it. Dish or cable services have never worked for me, and I haven’t had them in my home in a long time – probably more than seven years. However, I do have sling.tv. I signed up for sling in 2016-ish, mainly for streaming NFL Red Zone and digital recording. With sling you can log on to their website and choose what to record for the day or week. I found myself doing this every day – spending 20 minutes on the sling website and another hour or so watching what I recorded when I got home from work or gym. Just thinking about it now seems so pointless. I took a break from all of this 100%.

Another of my 100 or so hobbies is poker. In my online browsing, I discovered a website called twitch.tv and really got into it. The purpose of Twitch is streaming people playing video games. However, there is also a significant presence of online poker players streaming as well. I found this ridiculously fascinating and a great way to learn more about poker. Although I don’t play online poker, I discovered that some of the jargon and techniques they used was beneficial. I also took a break from this – 100%.

Lastly, Amazon Prime. I am an Amazon Prime addict and was continually browsing Amazon and filling my wishlist with random items. I was also getting busy filling my Amazon Fresh cart with the perfect grocery list. Nothing wrong with it I think, but I mean – come on! I didn’t buy much in comparison to the amount of time I spent browsing. So… GONE!

So, what did I do…

during this technology break? How did I fill my days with all that spare time with no laptop, iPhone, no online streaming services and no Amazon Prime?

Well, I walked my dog outdoors, worked out outdoors, read a few books outdoors and walked to Whole Foods a few times. That’s about all I did… for five weeks.

It was awesome – but I’m also glad to be back!


“Dad, Mondays are mediocre I guess” – Mocha GAGA

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