100 Days Until Summer!


“When I met you in the summer.
To my heartbeat sound.
We fell in love.
As the leaves turned brown.

And we could be together baby.
As long as skies are blue.
You act so innocent now.
But you lied so soon.
When I met you in the summer.


When I met you in the summer.


– CalvinHarris.

You heard it here first! Today, Wednesday, February 21, 2018, is 100 days until summer!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like forever but at least Spring is a little more then a week away. Its been a mild winter here in Dallas and my blood is so thinned out from Texas Vegas and LA summers, that I get winter sadness about this time of the year.

The first day of #summer2018 is June 1st. Also around that time, the wsop #poker tournament starts. It’s always a very exciting time of year and I plan on entering a couple of tournaments. What else? Poolparty!! 4thofjuly!! ufc fights!! ufc226 is in July and I’m sure that some visits to miami Chicago and a beach will happen, along with some summer foodie mixed in. I love me some summer!!! Oh, and my gopro and drone – I can’t forget that fun.
Over the next couple months, I need to make my body a priority. I plan to get a few more push-ups and sit-ups in ASAP! Just need to get my #diet and fitness in line and I’ll be fit for summer.
See you in the sun! Summervibes!
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Thanks for stopping by and be extraordinary.

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